• Elasticsearch I/O
  • Force the use of the #secret reader for sensitive information in I/O
  • throttle: add a second parameter to specify the number of events to keep
  • use aero to load the configuration and support aero profiles
  • include action, which can be used to reuse part of configurations in streams
  • Improve error messages
  • Add a new :native? parameter to the TCP server to enable epoll/kqueue on Netty.


  • keep-keys action
  • Pagerduty: avoid local timezone (thanks Toby McLaughlin)
  • Small perf optimizations


  • Mirabelle now build one index per stream.
  • All actions reinjecting events into streams (reaper, reinject!) now reinject events by default on the current stream
  • reaper action: add a mandatory “interval” parameter to expire events.


First release ;)